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Monday, October 27, 2008

MacLabs at AUK

Starting off with brilliant news, I got my first paycheck while working in the Division of Humanities and Art in the American University of Kuwait. Although, my pay only included half month's salary because thats how long I've been working, I was extremely happy and could not get the grin out of my face while receiving it and for rest of the day!

This is my workstation i.e. desk of work. Its basically in the Mac Lab, but I usually have a specific computer on which I sit because I have some setting set on that station and I can't be bothered to do them all over when I sit on a new Mac Pro.

Here is the shot of the Mac Lab that is on the third floor in the Liberal Arts College building of AUK

The Lab has 32 Mac Pros, and was generally referred to as MacLab until recently it is referred to as "Male MacLab." This is due to the new government rule of segregation; the term does not need any further explanation. 

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