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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Kuwait Towers


The conception of the Towers with three structures was initiated in 1962. Construction commenced in 1975 and in March 1979 the project was finally inaugurated. The three towers were built for multi-purpose operations. One, the needle shaped tower, provides electricity to the suburbs in Kuwait.

The Second, middle, tower stores up to one million gallons of water. It was made by group of people from Union Invest company c.o.o Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Tuzla.


The Kuwait Towers are three towers of reinforced concrete in Kuwait City. The main tower is 187 metres high and serves as a restaurant and water tower. It also has a Viewing Sphere which rises to 123 meters above sea level and completes a full round turn every 30 minutes. The second tower is 145.8 metres high and serves as a water tower. The third tower houses equipment to control the flow of electricity and illuminates the two bigger towers.

The towers were designed by Sune Lindström and Malene Björn and were built by Energoprojekt, a company from Belgrade, Serbia. They opened to the public in March of 1979. The towers were damaged heavily by the Iraqis during their occupation of Kuwait from 1990 to 1991. In 1991, after the liberation of Kuwait City during the First Gulf War, Vic Clarke of Nottingham UK abseiled the Kuwait Water Towers during structural surveys. Mr. Clarke was introduced into Kuwait by Mr. Michael Stewart, of The Stewart Group International, also from Nottingham UK.

There was substantial shell, and bullet damage to the exterior of the towers. The interior damage was mainly to electrical gear, mostly lift equipment. Some of the large triangular glazed panels shown in the photograph, were also damaged by shell fire.

Hope to go there in my fall break and take some pictures personally.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

VIVA Launched, Will it survive?

VIVA (The new telecom company in Kuwait) rivaling the two big boys ZainKW, and Wataniya. VIVA is going all out on the advertising campaign as posters and ads are on corner and traffic signals. The company has a 4 week offer in which customers can choose their own numbers starting with "55". They are calling this the "Fresh start with 55" campaign.

I went to their site to reserve my number, but since their servers cannot handle the amount of traffic the site will either timeout or will run slow. 

Check it out here

Kuwait Mac Community

As a Apple Fanboy (proud of that), I came across the only official Apple Group in Kuwait, which is listed on Apple. Hands Down, this website is great because it gives the Kuwaiti perspective. 

Safat : The Kuwait Blogs!

Browsing some blogs here at blogspot, I came across this blog which has a huge amount of bloggers aggregated and listed in one place. Until this moment I didn't know that the Kuwaiti community blogs as much. I am proud to be in this country. 

I would surely like to be listed on the Blog Roll. Lets see what do I have to do to get my blog up there?

Drops Landed

On November 3rd, I woke up without looking out the window as usual. University starts at 9:30 AM for me and since the first class is Accounts, I had to attend it. Leaving my apartment for my car in the lot, here I see what I've been waiting for since last year. Yes, RAIN! Just loved the season and wanted to get wet but couldn't forget I had to get to class. Got in my car, grabbed my camera and shot these, Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Barack Obama told supporters that "change has come to America," as he addresses the country for the first time as the president-elect.
...Police estimated that 125,000 people gathered in Grant Park to hear Obama claim victory.

full CNN report here.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Google turned into an MP3 downloader engine?

Usually digging for the tech stuff, i came across this website which shows how can you turn Google (the beloved search engine) into a music downloading beast. Well this did the trick for me.
So this is how it works:

1. goto Google
2. Enter the following string into the search bar:

-inurl:(htmhtmlphp) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wmamp3) "*bandname/songname*"

The only change you have to make in this code snippet is that replace the *bandname/songname* to the band's name or the song's name that you're searching for.

Although, google might generate no result, if you make a mistake typing the name correctly.

Full article here