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Monday, October 27, 2008

MacLabs at AUK

Starting off with brilliant news, I got my first paycheck while working in the Division of Humanities and Art in the American University of Kuwait. Although, my pay only included half month's salary because thats how long I've been working, I was extremely happy and could not get the grin out of my face while receiving it and for rest of the day!

This is my workstation i.e. desk of work. Its basically in the Mac Lab, but I usually have a specific computer on which I sit because I have some setting set on that station and I can't be bothered to do them all over when I sit on a new Mac Pro.

Here is the shot of the Mac Lab that is on the third floor in the Liberal Arts College building of AUK

The Lab has 32 Mac Pros, and was generally referred to as MacLab until recently it is referred to as "Male MacLab." This is due to the new government rule of segregation; the term does not need any further explanation. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brand New MacBook Pro. Not so new!

I got my MacBook Pro on 13th June '08. But since I do most of my computing on my MacBook pro(MBP), I felt I should dedicate this post to it, and guess what, this post is being written from my MBP. 

I ordered my MBP from NewEgg. Actually, I wired the cash to my friend in states asking him to buy it for me. I had been planning to get the laptop for a long time, but didn't see the right time coming along until then. My friend was coming from the US for summer vacation, so he agreed to bring the laptop for me. Oh yes, I saved on shipping, it was free!

Here's some of the pictures when I took when I opened up my MacBook Pro:

Specifications of my MacBook Pro:
Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.40Ghz
15.4" WXGA
200GB HDD - 5400rpm
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
Mac OS X v10.5

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Break Scheduled!

Still a freshman (1st year) in the university (American University of Kuwait), I haven’t spent many semesters on campus. Been a university student since summer '07 to be precise which makes the current semester (fall '08) my 5th semester. Ok, I know that’s not short time to but still. I hope to be a sophomore by the end of this semester. 

Moving on, I had to say that because this year is the year in which I had (and am going to have) the most amount of something known as "vacation." This is because the standard 4-month summer for me turned into the 5-month vacation as the Kuwaiti government announced holidays as Eid season came along (End of holy month of Ramadan).

Enough with the past vacation in the current year and on with the coming vacation, and on with the coming vacations. Yesterday, I got an email for university’s student life, announcing that the fall semester break has been scheduled from December 5th to January 7th. The official vacations for me as of this year are a little over 6 months now. These do not include other small breaks like the liberation/national day holidays, weekends (if I want to count those too.) 

These holidays might be boring for me or really exciting but lets see how these vacations turn out!

My first post and Welcome!

Hey guys, this is my new blog and basically my new internet home. I will be updating and checking this site regularly, which also means I will be looking after your comments. I will be posting my thoughts and random stuff that I find on the internet and in my environment, and yes thats me in the picture