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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Internet Shopping

"How do I buy stuff online?"
"How do I ship my stuff from USA/UK to Kuwait online?"

These are only a few of the many questions that I come across when people are talking about shopping online. So this is how it all goes down.

Suppose you want to buy something online say Amazon, now almost all of the products offered on that website offer no international shipping, so here's what you do.

If you do not already have a credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and this is not the usual bank ATM cards that are offered here in Kuwait when you open an account with them. If you have an NBK Shabab account, then you can goto your branch and ask for an Internet Shopping Card. Its basically an electronic credit card which you cannot swipe. For more info contact your bank. I took the example of NBK because this is my bank and I do not know what other banks offer this service. (I am sure other banks have this kind of offers)

Now that you have your credit card, you have the option of 3 popular shipping services who will ship your stuff from USA to Kuwait; Aramex, DHL, and U Shop We Ship(USWS).
You can get more info about them through their websites or numbers provided on their website.

These companies give you a physical mailbox number (a physical address in the US) which allows you to have your stuff shipped to that location and then forward it to Kuwait (Aramex and USWS go one step further and deliver at your doorstep). So when you are asked for Shipping and Billing address on Amazon, you can enter this new physical location and your order will be processed as any other US Domestic order.

After you stuff is in your mailbox, you have the ability to track it till it arrives in Kuwait. These companies however charge you with a price to ship it to Kuwait

DHL (known to be the fastest yet) price calculator, Mailbox Cost = $37
USWS: KWD 2.750 for first half KG of your package and every other half KG will be KWD 2.250
Aramex: ~KWD 10 for a new mailbox, KWD 3.000 for the first half KG and every other half KG will be KWD 2.500

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