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Sunday, August 2, 2009

London Trip and Updates

Okay people so I have not been blogging because I am using twitter alot (see right column of this page for my tweets). I think twitter did the job for me, but since I had more than 140 characters to type up to tell about what's happening I chose to come here and write about it.

Well I am in LONDON now! and the timings couldn't have been better. Considering I come from Kuwait I could look at this in 2 ways (both are good). One, Kuwait is much hot now (50ºC) and coming here the weather is only nearing 14-20ºC, which is pretty good for me.
OR I could come in winter in which i will experience snow which would be pretty awesome as well.
For me, I think the first perspective takes precedence!

Well, Some of my UK friends are in US so I told them to buy me
a Canon XSi (450D) which is pretty cheap in US, because UK is much expensive but they are not responding to my FB messages and emails, so I think i will order a less-expensive Canon XS (1000D) from Amazon (UK)

So last night for the first time, I went to Trafalgar Sq. Didn't goto the Big Ben because friends said it was night and it would close soon and then I would need more time than there was to spend. So I will probably go there today. I am here for a month (returning 26 AUG). So I will have time for most of the things if not all.

Thats about it for now folks.. As I said, i want to buy a camera, i have this one now, but it doesn't get the best quality that I want, but i will still leave you with two pictures that I think are very good (un-edited versions)

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