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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nokia 5800 and TWITTERRR

I got my new Nokia 5800 last week for KD 115. I got the red one, and I asked as to why the Blue version was more expensive (KD 129), the retailer told me because it is new and released after the red one. Dumb!

Well since I have wifi at home and university I thought I'd beef up my phone with some nifty applications which will help me stay connected all the more. I have currently installed the following applications on my phone:

1. Stew for twitter
3. Accuweather*
4. Zip Manager* 
5. Palringo for IM (support all major IMs) (you can also use Fring)
6. Paint Pad for painting* 

*got it through the on board download application

I currently use the free wifi at univesity and Wifi at home to get online on my phone but I wanna be able to be online at all times. This would be really cool, So a twitter buddy of mine blasha, said that she has a KD14/mo contract with zain for her data plan on her curve 8900. Well thats pretty cool. Will head to zain office today and probably sign up for this. I would also like to see if they have any other cheaper/better offers.

You now can also see the little twitter widget on the blog which is actually a live feed of my tweets

Helpful links for your Nokia 5800 XM:

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