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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Apple gets hits

I don't know if people are angry with Apple, bored with themselves (unemployment level is increasing everywhere), or just want to make money off others. These days Apple is in a lot of legal and economic issues:

1. The 9000 iPod Shuffle scam:
   Nicholas Arthur Woodhams, a 23 year old from Michigan, US scammed Apple in getting out 9000 ipod Shuffles. He then sold these at a price which was lower than the sticker. Read more

2. Apple iPhone not giving 3G as promised, Sued!
   Damone Dickerson has filed a law suit against Apple and AT&T for he was not getting any 3G reception on his iPhone. Read more

3. You pay $500 more for just the eaten fruit logo?
   Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said that "tide has really turned." What he basically means by this that in these tough times you don't want to spend more for anything that you can get for cheap. You pay $500 more for just the Apple logo. Read more (read the comments below on that page)

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